HW Group gives coaching class for disabilities
HW Group gives coaching class for disabilities

Jakarta, 26 January 2023 – HW Group, an authentic Indonesian company, specialized in food & beverages, broadening their name to socialize with disabilities. HW Group trusts every segment of society are entitled for having the same chance, even if for those with disability.   


HW Group invited the disabilities together with Kitaoneus.asia for providing coffee and mocktail class with Rocca Osteria & Bar by HW Group as the venue.


Amid the coaching that was attended by disability, Edho Zell, influencer and also an Indonesian Youtuber was really active on the occasion. Edho Zell made beverages that was guided by Vikram, bar trainer from HW Group


Edho Zell appreciated the coaching class that was provided by HW Group. “For my friends who are categorized with special needs, today you got your skill enhanced from HW Group. Hopefully there will be new opportunities from HW Group that can be commenced,” said Edho Zell, influencer and Youtuber from Indonesia. 


Got interested by HW Group’s careness that attaches importance of inclusivity and diversity, one of the participants from Kitaoneus.asia asked “can deaf person work at HW Group?” responding to that question, Adhitiya. W. Wibawa, as the General Manager of Human Capital & Facility Management answered that it is completely possible for disabilities to work.


HW Group together with Kitaoneus.asia is currently under progress for collaboration and will provide coaching and guiding every future disabilities manpower until they can work together with HW Group. “By this support, we hope to contribute to enhancing society’s economy and enlarging the decent quality of manpower”. 


Maria from Kitaoneus.asia said she really appreciated this service and this coaching facility that was given to the disabilities. “We are really delighted and grateful by HW Group’s attention to the disabilities. We hope there will be another occasion that can be attended together to build our friends with their disability. 


HW Group, which was mentioned on Hotman Paris’ Instagram, has a lot of outlets for now and is currently still expanding their outlets with other new outlets. 

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1 March, 2023

HW Group establishes initial CSR HW Peduli in Jakarta

Jakarta, 1 March 2023 – HW Group is back again amid the society by doing HW Peduli social responsibility.


This time, HW Peduli did social occasions together with the local people of Tanjung Duren. This CSR was about aerobics with the local people.


The occasion was held on Saturday (25/2). Helen’s Tanjung Duren was packed by hundreds of locals by 7 AM. This aerobics session was held for 2 hours with merriness.


Society’s desires were positive. The attendees were cheerful and happy. At last, the local people asked HW Group to do these aerobics to frequently enhance the locals’ health.


“We are happy to see the enthusiasm of the locals. Looking forward to making a variety of occasions that are suitable for the locals. Every local people can use our place, morning, midday, and evening to encourage every activity of the locals,” said Andrew Susanto, investor of HW Group.


This aerobics session at Tanjung Duren was facilitated with free massages by the visually impaired. And closed with basic needs aid from HW Group to the locals with neighborhood representatives. Aerobics equipment, basic needs, and trash cans were given to the locals.


The head of the neighborhood, Jumadi, welcomed the careness of the HW Group. “This is spectacular. HW Group is here with careness for society. HW Peduli is here to encourage our spirits,” said Jumadi, who hopes for HW Group to contribute to society’s economy by seeking the society’s potential.


Santi, the head of the neighborhood, added that she was happy to see the locals’ enthusiasm to attend HW Peduli. Moreover, after aerobics, the locals got the necessary basic needs from HW Group.


This occasion by HW Peduli was positively welcomed. Moreover, if there is training for locals making dishes or skills for making various cakes. “For Misses who get skills to cook or make cakes, it will be helpful indeed for them to fix their financial situation”.

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1 March, 2023

HW Group menciptakan HW Peduli Perdana di Jakarta

Jakarta, 1 Maret 2023 – HW Group kembali hadir ke tengah-tengah masyarakat dengan menggelar aksi sosial HW peduli. 


Kali ini, HW Peduli menjalankan kegiatan sosialnya bersama warga sekitar Tanjung Duren. Kegiatan CSR digelar dalam bentuk senam bersama warga. 


Aksi berlangsung Sabtu (25/2).  Ratusan warga telah memadati area Helen’s Tanjung Duren sejak pukul 07.00 WIB. Kegiatan senam berjalan selama dua jam dalam kemeriahan. 


Animo masyarakat sangat positif. Para peserta ceria dan berbahagia. Di akhir kegiatan, warga meminta HW Group rutin melaksanakan kegiatan senam dalam rangka menyehatkan jasmani masyarakat setempat. 


“Kami senang melihat warga sekitar sangat antusias. Kedepannya kami akan selalu mencoba membuat kegiatan beragam yang sesuai dengan kebutuhan warga sekitar. Setiap warga boleh memakai tempat kita, baik pada pagi hari, siang, bahkan sore untuk menunjang kegiatan masyarakat sekitar,” tutur Andrew Susanto, investor HW Group.


Kegiatan senam di Tanjung Duren disertai fasilitas refleksi gratis bekerjasama dengan pijat tunanetra. Kemudian kegiatan ditutup dengan penyerahan bantuan dari HW Group kepada warga yang diwakili oleh ketua RW dan RT. Bantuan yang diberikan berupa peralatan senam, sembako, serta tempat penampungan sampah. 


Ketua RW 05 Jumadi menyambut baik kepedulian HW Group.  “Ini merupakan hal luar biasa, HW Group hadir dengan kepedulian terhadap masyarakat. HW Peduli membantu mengangkat semangat kami,” sebut Jumadi yang berharap HW Group dapat membantu mengangkat ekonomi masyarakat dengan menggali segala potensi warga setempat.  


Santi selaku ketua RT 09 menambahkan dirinya melihat warga sangat senang mengikuti HW Peduli. Apalagi setelah senam Bersama, warga mendapatkan bantuan dari HW Group. 


Kegiatan HW Peduli yang diterima sangat positif. Apalagi jika ke depannya warga benar-benar mendapat pelatihan membuatkan masakan yang enak maupun keterampilan membuat kue. “Ibu-ibu yang mendapat keterampilan memasak atau membuat kue akan terbantu untuk memperbaiki ekonomi keluarga mereka,” terangnya.

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28 February, 2023

HWG Event brings Yovie & Nuno to perform, what is HWG Event?

Batam, February 28, 2023 – The local youngsters embark on new excitement. The Indonesian music promoter HWG Event was established on July 18. 2022 brings the most distinguished Indonesian musician and international as well. The presence of local and international musicians colors the ecosystem and music performances in our lovely homeland.


HWG Event feels that there must be something new when we remember the impact of the pandemic on every musician in Indonesia for at least 2 years. Covid-19 has obtained a 159 thousand death toll in Indonesia and 16.6 Million worldwide and ceases every music performance in Indonesia. After the deadly covid surge ended, every audience’s desire returned.


That’s why HWG Event is here to reconnect every audience with every musician in Indonesia to keep creating and performing their greatness. HWG Event has already signed an exclusive contract with prominent artists such as Judika, Anji, Bunga Citra Lestari, Kahitna, and Sammy Simorangkir. 


“We are always excited to perform at HWG Event because we feel that HW Group becomes our facilitator for us and maybe for another musician to perform with a different ambiance from the event out there. At the HWG Event, we can perform intimately with our audiences, who are always crowded! Everyone sings together, and it feels like a mass proposal when a song titled “Janji Suci” is played! Sure that HWG Event cannot be this awesome without their solid and fast work. Sure that it’s addicted to performing at the HWG Event!!” said Yovie and Nuno. 


The presence of Indonesian musicians will be completed with HWG Event by inviting national and international musicians together to perform their expertise for every fan of Indonesian musicians. In Batam, HWG Event schedules for Yovie and Nuno on March 9 at Gold Dragon Batam and Winky Wiryawan on March 17 at Golden Tiger Batam. 


“We want to heal people’s yearning by inviting national and international musicians,” said Andrew Susanto as an investor of HWG Event. Moreover, Andrew said that every society’s desire was very positive because of the presence of international musicians. The HWG Event will not disappoint every music listener and will invite and facilitate every musician. “Music brightens our life. We want everyone to get happiness, spirits, strong desire, plus safety when listening to music with us,” said Ivan. 


Reservation and information events with spectacular artists can be accessed from the FlyHWG application which can be downloaded from the app store & play store. Besides, reservations for Gold Dragon & Golden Tiger Batam can be got from 0811-1906-7167 or the website hwgroup.id.

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