HW Peduli and The Amir Foundation spread their kindness with Giving Friday
HW Peduli and The Amir Foundation spread their kindness with Giving Friday

Jakarta, April 12, 2023 – HW Group from HW Peduli, as a social program, is returning to reveal their kindness towards society by doing Giving Friday. This occasion was held with The Amir Foundation at RT 8 Ulujami, boarding house on Friday, April 7, 2023, from 5 PM until 6.30 PM WIB.


On this occasion, HW Peduli gives 600 packages of 300 vegetables and 300 fish, tofu, tempeh, green vegetables, corn, carrot, aubergine, and bean sprouts to the nearby society. The head of The Amir Foundation, H. Amirullah, ST, SH, MH., said many people needed support science when the pandemic came. Thats why, when there’s extra money, The Amir foundation together with the head of the society doing this giving occasion to the locals around.  


“There are 2 packages, vegetables and non-vegetables. We put them there, and they just need to take those away. Hopefully, HW Peduli can help the locals every month, so the locals can feel the impact, especially for the Pesanggrahan area,” said H. Amirullah.


The head of Ulujami, Ustaz Munasik, expresses his appreciation to the Giving Friday occasion. He perceives this occasion can help the locals around who need support. It can be seen from the enthusiasm of the locals who queue to get those packages. 


HW Peduli hopes this Giving Friday can form togetherness and careness in society. In this challenging situation, helping and caring for each other is necessary. HW Peduli will always be doing various social activities to support the locals in need. 


Further information about HW Peduli can be accessed from www.hwgroup.id or www.instagram.com/hwpeduli 

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26 May, 2023

HW Group welcomes Tyga as the star performer for Atlas Beach Club’s 1st anniversary

Atlas Beach Club, the ultimate beach party destination, is thrilled to announce its highly anticipated 1st-anniversary celebration featuring none other than the chart-topping sensation, Tyga!


Tyga, the Grammy-nominated rapper and international sensation known for his infectious beats and captivating performances, will take the centre stage at the anniversary festivities on Saturday, August 5th. With his magnetic stage presence and a string of rap hits, it will surely elevate the party atmosphere to unprecedented heights.


As Atlas Beach Club commemorates its successful first year of operation, we invite beach lovers, music enthusiasts, and party goers from around the globe to join us in this monumental milestone. Atlas Beach Club has become synonymous with unrivalled entertainment, boasting breathtaking ocean views, vibrant ambiance, and a lineup of electrifying events.


“Atlas Beach Club’s 1st-anniversary party is a celebration of all the incredible moments we’ve shared with our guests throughout the year,” said Ben Leek, Atlas Beach Fest’s Director of Operation. “We’re thrilled to have Tyga as our headliner, and we’re confident that this anniversary extravaganza will be an experience that will be remembered for years.”


We urge you to secure your spot early with our exclusive Early bird tickets to ensure you get all the ultimate summer celebrations. General admission tickets (standing) are priced at Rp 300,000 for early bird, while pre-sale VIP tickets are available for Rp 750,000. 


As a VIP ticket holder, you’ll enjoy a dedicated VIP Line, premium view, exclusive access to the Solitaire Area, complimentary canapes from 7 pm to 10 pm, and a free locker for your items.


Atlas Beach Club also offers daybeds, sofas, and backstage tickets, with six options available, from Rp 8 million to Rp 75 million. These seats are ideal for groups of 4 to 20 people, depending on the ticket purchased. 


Whether you’re looking to enjoy the event with a small gathering of friends or planning a larger gathering, Atlas Beach Club has the perfect seating arrangements to ensure an unforgettable experience for you and your group. Grab your tickets now at www.atlasbeachfest.com.

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16 May, 2023

HW Peduli presents goodness by sharing healthcare assistance

Jakarta, May 16, 2023 – HW Group once again undertakes a social initiative by organizing a charitable event through the HW Peduli program on Wednesday (May 10) near the Gold Dragon outlet in Kemang, South Jakarta.


The event was filled with aid distribution to the residents of RW 01 Kemang. The assistance provided included religious musical instruments, supplementary nutrition packages for toddlers, weight scales, height measuring devices, and health check-up tools for integrated health posts (posyandu).


Nur Hayati, a posyandu’s representative in the Bangka sub-district, expressed her gratitude for the assistance provided, as it will significantly aid Posyandu in serving the visiting community.


“I express my heartfelt thanks to HW Peduli and their dedicated team for their generous contributions,” said Nur Hayati.


HW Peduli hopes that the assistance provided will benefit the residents and build strong relationships within the community.


“I truly appreciate the presence of this event and the provision of healthcare equipment to the residents of RW 01 Kemang,” stated Dodi Johandi, Outlet Manager of Gold Dragon Kemang.


“I hope this event and the equipment provided to RW 01 Kemang be beneficial to the residents and utilized to the fullest. And may the bond between the outlet and the community continue to flourish.”


HW Peduli has also conducted sharing activities at several other outlets, Gold Dragon Bekasi on the 13th and Helen’s Gading Serpong on May 14. Furthermore, their CSR activities will continue on the 21st and 28th of May at Helen’s Epicentrum and Golden Tiger and Gold Dragon Q Big. HW Peduli remains committed to engaging in various social activities to assist those in need.


For further information about HW Peduli, please visit www.hwgroup.id or check out their updates on www.instagram.com/hwpeduli.

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15 May, 2023

HW Group unites community with enchanting exercise and brings smiles through HW Peduli’s sembako giveaway

Jakarta, May 15, 2023 – HW Group, through its social program HW Peduli, once again demonstrated its concern for the community by organizing a sharing activity in May 2023. This event occurred at several locations near HW Group outlets, namely in Bekasi, Gading Serpong, Epicentrum, and BSD City.


In Bekasi, the activity was held on Saturday (May 13th) in the vicinity of Gold Dragon in the Summarecon Bekasi area, Marga Mulya. The event began with a group exercise session that residents attended. The enthusiasm among the participants was remarkably high throughout the activity.


HW Peduli also provided accessible reflexology facilities for older people in collaboration with visually impaired massage experts. Children were also given space for drawing, where they could unleash their creativity without any restrictions.


The event ended with the distribution of assistance from HW Group to RT 03 RW 02 Marga Mulya residents, North Bekasi. The support included exercise equipment, a portable speaker, essential items, and HW Peduli t-shirts.


“I think this event is great because this shows how business owners can collaborate with the community and share needed facilities. I am very grateful for what HW Peduli has provided. Hopefully, the contributions from the HW Peduli team will benefit our residents,” said Mukar, the chairman of RW 02.


HW Peduli hopes this sharing activity will strengthen the community’s sense of togetherness and care and build good relationships.


“The corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiative of HW Group aims to engage with the surrounding community by organizing activities such as healthy exercises, reflexology massages, providing necessities, communal meals, and offering essential services like health check-ups for cholesterol, uric acid, and blood sugar levels,” explained Andrew Susanto, an investor at HW Group.


“For future activities, we will delve deeper because we hope that HW Peduli can first meet the local community’s needs and ultimately benefit society at large,” Andrew concluded.


HW Peduli also held sharing activities at Helen’s Gading Serpong on May 14th, 2023, Helen’s Epicentrum on the 21st and Golden Tiger and Gold Dragon Q Big on May 28th. In challenging times, mutual support and care for others are crucial. HW Peduli will continue to engage in various social activities to assist those in need.


For more information about HW Peduli, please visit www.hwgroup.id or www.instagram.com/hwpeduli.

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