21 February, 2023

Cash – Cash, DJ from America will perform at W Superclub Gatsu

Tuesday, February 21, 2023 – DJ from America, Cash-cash, that has been viral these days and will be performing at W Superclub Gatsu on Thursday, February 23, 2023. Society’s desire to enjoy their greatness was confirmed when every fan bought the tickets after HWG announced the Cash-cash performance schedule.


Cash-cash, an electronic music group from America famous for their song “Take Me Home” and collaborated with Bebe Rexha, has reached the publics’ attention exceeding 40 million viewers on Youtube. 


Besides Bebe Recha, Cash-cash successfully gathered fans’ attention when they collaborated with Christina Perri on their “Hero” creation. Cash Cash, a band that will perform for every HW Group’s visitors, made an exclusive video with a coaxing message to have fun together. “Hello, Indonesia, this is Cash Cash. We will perform at W Superclub, Golden Tiger, and Atlas Beach Club from February 22 until 26. Buy your tickets now, and see you there!”


Besides Cash Cash, W Superclub Gatus will bring Lost Frequencies on March 4, Judika on March 9, Vinai on March 15, and Bunga Citra Lestari on March 17. W Superclub will continuously pump out your adrenaline by presenting a world-class musical performance.


For reservation of W Superclub Gatsu can be reached through 0811-1906-7167, the FlyHWG application, or on Instagram @Wsuperclub. W Superclub is located at Jln. Gatot Subroto No 1003, Menteng Dalam, Jakarta Selatan.

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16 February, 2023

Central Park finally has an outlet by HW Group

Jakarta, 16 February 2023 – HW Group again and again expanding their wings, on this Valentine’s day, Hotman Paris officially embarks the opening of Gold Dragon at Central Park. Gold Dragon, a premium cafe offers a lovely place that can be enjoyed with every segment. 


In the speech of the outlet’s establishment, Hotman Paris said that this is the first HW Group outlet inside the mall area. Gold Dragon, the outlet that is located in Central Park mall, West Jakarta was not easy to get the location, the process of selection by the mall was really tight and only allowed for a well-known brand. 


Besides, Ivan Tanjaya as the co-founder of HW Group said that the interior of Gold Dragon Central Park has a classic design and is labeled as one of the finest outlets compared with another outlets of HW Group. 


To celebrate the opening of Gold Dragon on this Valentine’s day, Gold Dragon also did matchmaking for every influencer from Indonesia. Livy Renata, Tommy Lim, Athalla Naufal, Anastasya Khosasih, and other influencers that seem to be enjoyed by this matchmaking at Gold Dragon.


Livy Renata said, “I frequently come to Gold Dragon, and really happy when Gold Dragon is opened at Central Park, so after strolling from the mall I can directly enjoy and having fun at Gold Dragon with my companions”. 


Gold Dragon regularly brings live music along with a cozy ambiance. Besides, every visitor is pampered with food and beverages authentic from Indonesia. Gold Dragon, which is authentically made by local people encourages to introduce various foods and beverages purely from Indonesia. 


For future Information and reservation about Gold Dragon Central Park can be accessed from www.hwgroup.id 

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13 February, 2023

Phoenix Bar HW Group has been opened, Raffi Ahmad is interested for collaboration

Jakarta, 13 February 2023 – Phoenix Bar by HW Group has caught public’s attention by 10 February 2023. How come? Phoenix as a Gastrobar represents extravagant, classy, comfy, and sensational; being the favorite place for Indonesia’s society promptly. 


Rudi Salim, Raffi Ahmad, Nagita Slavina, Hotman Paris, and Ivan Gunawan seemed to be enjoying Phoenix bar with an extravagant interior theme “luxury art deco”. By this Phoenix bar’s kickoff, visitors were indulged with a pleasant voice of Christian Bautista.


The visitors’ comfiness were expressed on social media posts. One of the artists, Raffi Ahmad and Nagita Slavina on their Instagram posting, @raffinagita1717 said “what if 2 groups of entertainment, HW Group and RANS Group join forces for collaboration?”


When Raffi Ahmad got his doorstep with a bunch of media, he said he was thinking of having collaborations with HW Group. Couple times Raffi Ahmad said he was ready to assist a company group authentic from Indonesia (HW Group).


“I hope that youngsters can have strong enthusiasm in order for the next generation can succeed with their business, I strongly support,” said Raffi Ahmad


The happiness of the visitors on that night was phenomenal and was completed with savory dishes by Don Chino, the head chef of HW Group. Food from western, Asian, and Indonesian are available at Phoenix bar.


Phoenix has a lot of sofas and tables, meeting rooms, and private rooms with karaoke facilities. And a live bar that will be suitable for visitors. There is an eye-catching whiskey bar that provides a speakeasy atmosphere plus sofas in order for every visitor to chit-chat while enjoying pleasant dishes. 


Phoenix’s operational hour starts from 12.00 midday until late night at 02.00. Located in Pantai Indah Kapuk road, Golf Island Boulevard Kavling lot K Unit 01 St No.01, north Jakarta. Strategic location amid Golden Tiger and Gold Dragon PIK.


Phoenix Gastrobar is under HW Group that has a lot of branches in Indonesia. For those who want to enjoying serenity inside a luxurious ambiance please make your reservation through www.hwgroup.id

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6 February, 2023

After JIS, Dewa 19 Performs in HW Group Jakarta’s outlet

Jakarta, 6 February 2023 – Dewa 19, a band that was formed in Surabaya will perform and express their enchantment. Their single titled “Kangen” that used to pamper their listeners can be enjoyed closely by HW Group. 


The fans of Dewa 19 stick amid the society with a label of “Baladewa” that has no limit of ages. Youngsters until the elderly, with financial levels from low to high segment, admire the greatness of the group band that is led by Ahmad Dhani.


Lately, Dewa 19 just performed their concert at JIS (Jakarta International Stadium). The desire is unstoppable, thousands of viewers came to enjoy the concert. Seeing society’s desire got ascended, HW Group schedules Dewa 19 to come back to perform to delight their fans in the Gold Dragon outlet.


Dewa 19 was scheduled to perform in Gold Dragon Kelapa Gading by Thursday, 9 February 2023 and Gold Dragon Kemang on Tuesday, 28 February 2023. Dewa 19 had performed at Gold Dragon PIK and the visitors packed the place in order to enjoy the greatness of Ahmad Dhani’ and his friends. 


The visitors were not only listening to the music, they also sang together and took pictures at a close range. “Feel delighted to watch Dewa 19’s concert directly. Moreover, I can sing along in front of the stage. Besides, I can take a selfie with bro Ahmad Dhani and Virzha,” said Kevin, one of the fans that directly enjoyed the performance. 


Speaking of Safety, Kevin did not hesitate because amid the stampede there were strict holy guards and made the performance become safe and spectacular. Tria as the brand manager of Gold Dragon was making sure the safety and lots availability for cars can accommodate the visitors’ capacity. “Let’s sing along at Gold Dragon. We are ready to give the best music performance for every Dewa 19 fan,” said Dewa 19 member. 


For everyone who wants to experience Dewa 19’s performance in HW Group’s outlet, we only need to spend Rp. 500.000 and the reservation can be accessed on www.hwgroup.id 

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4 February, 2023

Phoenix PIK by HW Group represents Great Gatsby Party with performance by Christian Bautista

Jakarta, 4 February 2023 – Extravagant, classy, comfortable, and sensational is when you step on Phoenix, a Gastrobar that is owned by HW Group, located in Pantai Indah Kapuk.


Why sensational? When arriving at Phoenix, visitors will be indulged with a classy view plus luxury and elegant art decoration. A fountain with a pleasant sound adds a comfortable and natural atmosphere. 


As a new gastrobar, they’re not only showing you their classiness. Phoenix shows various types of food, starting with western, Asia, Indonesia, along with another identical wingette, tandoori beef cheek, and pineapple carpaccio as well. 


The food is completed with various beverage menus by Phoenix’s characteristics, such as Cocktails, spirit, premium whiskey, and an international standard of cigar.


Phoenix’s grand opening on Friday, 10 February 2023, will bring a theme of “The Great Gatsby Party and invite phenomenal people, expatriates, affluent societies, and conglomerates for the party. This expendable party will be indulged with gratifying sound by international singer, Christian Bautista. 


Phoenix has already prepared a lot of tables, private rooms with karaoke facilities, and a live bar that can be enjoyed by the guests. A pleasant whiskey bar gives a speakeasy ambiance plus soft sofas will make the visitors relax, enjoy chit-chat, and enjoy their favorite dishes. 


Phoenix will operate from 12 PM until 1 AM, located in Pantai Indah Kapuk, Rukan Golf Island Boulevard Kavling lot K Unit St No.01, North Jakarta. Strategic location amid Golden Tiger and Gold Dragon PIK. 


Phoenix Gastrobar is one of the outlets owned by HW Group with lots of branches in Indonesia. Please make your reservation through www.hwgroup.id

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26 January, 2023

HW Group gives coaching class for disabilities

Jakarta, 26 January 2023 – HW Group, an authentic Indonesian company, specialized in food & beverages, broadening their name to socialize with disabilities. HW Group trusts every segment of society are entitled for having the same chance, even if for those with disability.   


HW Group invited the disabilities together with Kitaoneus.asia for providing coffee and mocktail class with Rocca Osteria & Bar by HW Group as the venue.


Amid the coaching that was attended by disability, Edho Zell, influencer and also an Indonesian Youtuber was really active on the occasion. Edho Zell made beverages that was guided by Vikram, bar trainer from HW Group


Edho Zell appreciated the coaching class that was provided by HW Group. “For my friends who are categorized with special needs, today you got your skill enhanced from HW Group. Hopefully there will be new opportunities from HW Group that can be commenced,” said Edho Zell, influencer and Youtuber from Indonesia. 


Got interested by HW Group’s careness that attaches importance of inclusivity and diversity, one of the participants from Kitaoneus.asia asked “can deaf person work at HW Group?” responding to that question, Adhitiya. W. Wibawa, as the General Manager of Human Capital & Facility Management answered that it is completely possible for disabilities to work.


HW Group together with Kitaoneus.asia is currently under progress for collaboration and will provide coaching and guiding every future disabilities manpower until they can work together with HW Group. “By this support, we hope to contribute to enhancing society’s economy and enlarging the decent quality of manpower”. 


Maria from Kitaoneus.asia said she really appreciated this service and this coaching facility that was given to the disabilities. “We are really delighted and grateful by HW Group’s attention to the disabilities. We hope there will be another occasion that can be attended together to build our friends with their disability. 


HW Group, which was mentioned on Hotman Paris’ Instagram, has a lot of outlets for now and is currently still expanding their outlets with other new outlets. 

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